CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that part of a PC or a hosting server that runs all the calculations. Each CPU operates at a particular speed and the larger it is, the sooner everything shall be processed, so when you host resource-demanding web programs on a hosting server, for instance, a quick processor shall enable them to be performed faster, which will drastically contribute to the overall user experience. The current generations of CPUs have two and more cores, each one running at a certain speed to ensure a superior and speedier performance. This type of architecture makes it possible for the processor to handle various processes all at once or a number of cores to handle one process if it needs extra computing power in order to be executed. However, other elements like the amount of RAM or the connection that a given web server uses may also affect the overall performance of the websites hosted on it.

CPU Share in VPS Hosting

The CPU speeds offered by our VPS hosting fluctuate considerably and you can pick the VPS with the most suitable resources for your Internet sites. If you need a VPS for only one website which does not have a lot of visitors, for example, you can get a low-end plan, that'll also be cheaper compared to the high-end solutions that come with big CPU quotas and which can certainly match a dedicated server. We create only several VPS accounts on very effective servers with 16-core processors, so the CPU share that you will get with your new package will be guaranteed at all times and the performance of your hosting server will never be affected by other virtual accounts on the exact same physical server. Upgrading from one plan to another requires a couple of mouse clicks from the billing CP and the additional CPU share will be allocated to your account straightaway.

CPU Share in Dedicated Web Hosting

Our dedicated server plans have a range of hardware configurations, so, depending on what you need the web server for and on your budget, you can select the best suited one for you. Apart from the numerous RAM and disk space allocations, each and every package deal includes different CPU shares too. The CPUs that we provide you with have 2-12 cores, so you'll be able to select the package deal that'll suit your needs best. With the most powerful plan, each and every application which you run on the server shall run exceptionally quick regardless what resources it needs and no matter how many people are using it at the same time, but even the lower-end plans are good enough for most kinds of websites. The overall performance of the CPUs is tested along with all the other hardware parts, as a way to ensure that the web server that we'll hand over to you will work faultlessly and at 100% capacity all of the time.